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Director's Welcome


Depuis plusieurs années, l’école le Caousou à Toulouse accueille l’association « English Link » qui a été créée par des parents bénévoles. Ce partenariat permet d’accueillir les enfants bilingues anglais/français qui peuvent ainsi maintenir et approfondir leur niveau d’anglais à l’oral et à l’écrit.

C’est une grande richesse pour notre établissement, car ces enfants sont dans les classes avec les autres camarades, cela apporte beaucoup de diversité de culture puisque ces familles arrivent des quatre coins du monde. Il s’agit de familles anglo-saxonnes ou de culture anglaise et des familles françaises de retour d’expatriation.

C’est une vraie valeur ajoutée pour notre établissement et c’est avec beaucoup de joie que nous travaillons et menons de beaux projets ensemble, dans l’esprit des valeurs ignatiennes de l’école. Un grand merci à toute l’équipe d’English Link pour son dynamisme et sa bienveillance à l’égard des enfants qui lui sont confiés.

Christine Jeay,

Chef d’établissement de l’école le Caousou

Meet Our Teachers

Sophie Ferrier

English Classes (Primary)

Having grown up in a British home in Andorra, Sophie Ferrier is a native English, Spanish, Catalan and French speaker and grasped the value of learning languages from a very early age.


Following a career in Human Resources in two multinational companies and a move to Toulouse, Sophie started teaching English to adults, and soon became a volunteer with The English Link. Sophie enjoyed it so much that she took a TEFL course and has now been a regular teacher with the association since 2011.


Sophie describes her experience: “It has been a very exciting and rewarding job being part of the English Link team, helping children from many backgrounds and origins continue to develop their skills in English in a fun and stimulating environment."

Aude d'Allest

Drama: On Stage! and Theatre Club (Primary and College)

A French national, Aude started studying drama when she was 7 years old and has not given up on her passion ever since! Following an acting career both in Paris and in Toulouse, Aude is now in charge of leading the theatre group for The English Link.


Besides that role, Aude also manages an Association that performs musicals and plays for disabled children.


Aude shares her vision: “My purpose in teaching theatre to children is to give them a chance to express themselves through drama games, exercises to learn how to express feelings and listening to each other on stage. For that reason, I use a lot of improvisation to ensure the activities are fun and lively.”

Judith Morisset

English Classes, Kids Clubs, Bookworms (Primary)

Judith is originally from Leicestershire in the UK, where she received her honours degree in French language and literature. A summer job in France gave her a taste of life here and she never looked back! As a parent of a bilingual child, Judith feels that it is essential to build language skills in both English and French and to maintain both cultures as much as possible. 


She became TEFL certified and has been a regular teacher with the association since 2015.   Bursting with energy and a positive outlook on life, she teaches several English classes in the primary and leads both the Kids Club activities as well as Bookworms. 


Judith is excited to share her enthusiasm: “I'm passionate about what I do and fascinated and proud of what the children are able to accomplish from the youngest of ages.”

Nusha Padamsee


Kids Club (College)

With a Master's in English Literature and a Montessori diploma, coupled with a profound love of early childhood education, Nusha is dedicated to guiding children aged 3 to 18 along their educational journey. Her unwavering passion lies in crafting captivating and all-encompassing learning spaces, igniting intellectual curiosity and fostering a genuine love for learning. 

"Cultivating a love for learning and witnessing the spark of curiosity in young minds is both my passion and purpose. As an English language teacher, I strive to create engaging and inclusive environments, where students can explore their interests, expand their knowledge, and develop essential skills. It's a rewarding journey, and I am honored to play a role in shaping the future of these bright minds." - Nusha

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