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Registration is open to all students at the Caousou pending an assessment of their level of English.  All students who wish to participate in either classes or activities must be registered.


Bilingual and native students are assessed by our teachers upon admission to the school or upon entering the CP. 

Advanced English speakers are identified in class and invited to an assessment.

If your child is bilingual, or a native or advanced English speaker, please let us know!


If the assessment indicates that the student's level is high enough for English Link, the parents are informed and invited to register. 

Parents receive an email with a link to our registration system in August ahead of each school year. 


Parents must complete the online registration and payment form before the child begins classes. 

For activities, students are allowed to attend a couple of sessions before registering.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions! 

Please note that for activities in the College, parents may not receive an invitation email. Students are encouraged to sign up via the Forum d'Activites and / or attend the sessions directly where they will be assessed.  All students who would like to continue with the activity after their trial sessions must then complete the online registration form.

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