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Welcome to English Link 2021 - 2022!!!!

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce the Bureau who will be leading the English Link for this coming school year.

Andrea Wetzler, our President

I am an “Argentine/American” mutt with a touch of French (through marriage) and German and grew up primarily in the US with a stint in Switzerland when I was in primary school. My husband is from Toulouse but has studied and lived in the UK, US and Mexico. We speak English at home, and have had many Spanish-speaking au pairs so the kids speak three languages. We love traveling and discovering new places and cultures and we regularly receive visitors from various corners of the world. We enrolled our four kids (4eme, 6eme, CM1, and GS) at the Caousou because of the English Link bilingual programme. We love the fact the English Link draws together multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-national families, who by definition are open-minded and ready to embrace newcomers. We hope that the pandemic will soon be over so we can properly meet all the members face to face!

Aurélie Labouret remains our Treasurer

Living in the UK for 5 years was a fantastic experience. When we moved back to Toulouse, English Link offered a great opportunity for expat children like ours to maintain and improve their level of English. Our children will be starting 6eme and CM1 this year.

As a family, English Link is an excellent way to stay in a multicultural environment by meeting families from other countries and cultures.

Even if I have a busy life as a working mother, I decided to get involved in the Bureau as Treasurer and am happy to continue this year.

Laura Raynaud, our new Secretary

I'm originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but after studying abroad in Toulouse, the city has been my home since 2001. My Toulousain husband and I are committed to raising our children (Jack, 6eme and Stella, GS) bilingual and multi-cultural, and English Link is the perfect fit to help us do so. The kids love perfecting their English with the teachers and their bilingual families we've met through English Link; it's done wonders for their confidence!

Damien Huppert remains the Communication Lead

We arrived in 2017 in Toulouse after having spent 9 years in The Netherlands, where our 3 daughters grew up in a multi-lingual environment. Arriving in Toulouse posed some challenges, keeping up with English being one of them. When I saw the energy and the creativity generated by the English Link teachers, team and volunteers, I was grateful. With Aliénor entering 3°, Hermione joining CE2 and Bérénice in CP, I will make sure no one misses out on our events.

Debbie Curilovic continues as Logistics Coordinator

I’m from Argentina and have lived in Toulouse for the past 15 years. I’ve moved 36 times from country to country, and my stay in France has been my longest in any one country. My kids Valentina (4ème) and Luciano (6ème) were born in Toulouse so we’re a multicultural family too, speaking Spanish, French and English at home. The two main reasons we enrolled our children in the Caousou were for the Bilingual English Program (English Link) and for the magnificent grounds of the kindergarten. Giving my kids the opportunity to improve their English was very important. And the fact that they meet and interact with people from different countries and cultures just adds value to their lives. I believe that helping English Link to function and grow is very important for our kids' development and for all new bilingual families joining the Caousou.

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