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Parent Teacher Conferences - Please Sign Up!

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

The English Link parent teacher meetings will be held on November 15th at the Petit College in the English Link classroom on the second floor.

The 10-minute, face-to-face meetings are a great opportunity to meet with Sophie and Judith and find out how your child is progressing as well as ask any questions you may have. Children are welcome to come along and join the meeting.

Bureau members will be in the English Link library that afternoon, just next door. We'd love to meet you! Please do feel free to bring any siblings along. We will serve snacks and have books to keep them entertained.

Sign Up for Meetings with Judith

You can sign up for meetings with Judith who teaches GS, CE1, and CM2, any time from 16:00 onwards.

Sign up for Meetings with Sophie

You can sign up for meetings with Sophie who teaches GS, CP, CE2 and CM1, any time from 17:00 onwards.

Please make sure to arrive at least ten minutes before your meeting.

The English Link teachers are looking forward to meeting you! If there are no slots left, please do now worry. We will open new ones. Just send us an email.

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