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October 5th Bake Sale

Updated: 1 day ago

English Link is organizing a bake sale at the primary school on Thursday, October 5th starting at 3:30pm. All proceeds will go towards covering the costs of English Link projects and activities as well as financing English Link scholarships.

Calling all bakers! We need your help!

We need your help in preparing and bringing baked goods on the morning of Thursday, October 5th. The bake sale is open to all students (not just English Link ones) so we need plenty of baked goods! The kids love cookies (especially chocolate chip cookies), cakes, cup cakes, bagged pop-corn or anything typically British or American. A little label with the name of the cake or baked good would be great!

Please make sure to prepare goodies that do not need to be refrigerated (no perishable ingredients such as fresh cream or custards) as they will be stored in a cupboard all day. All baked goods should be easy-to-cut and sell in portions, and come on disposable plates (or cardboard wrapped in foil). Please bring your baked goods the morning of the bake sale (October 5th) to the school and leave it in the closet of the canteen (we will have a designated closet for this).

Can you volunteer at the bake sale?

We need your help! Please do sign up to help at the stand in the courtyard. You can sign up for any hour-long slot from 15:00 - 18:00.

Don't forget to give your child some pocket money on the day of the bake sale.

All items are priced at €1.00.

Thank you for your help!

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