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New English Link Logo designed by our primary school students!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Our New Logo

We revamped our English Link logo, launching a design contest, asking students for their input. In turn, their designs acted as a brief for our graphic designer, who developed our new logo.

Forty students submitted logo designs

All English Link primary school students were told the logo should have a higher impact, be more modern, friendly, and easier to remember. Forty students submitted logo designs, and four of them were selected for the final brief by the English Link panel, consisting of bureau members and teachers. The selected logos were designed by Charlotte Petit (CM2-8), Lucas Tremosa (CE2-1), Ondine Freyja Juris (CM2-4) and Luciano Hasan Curilovic (CM2-2).

Selected logo designs by Charlotte Petit, Lucas Tremosa, Ondine Freyja Juris and Luciano Hasan Curilovic

We worked with Ludovic Chacun, a Toulouse-based graphic designer and marketing consultant, to develop our logo. He worked with us pro-bono, contributing his services free of charge.

The new logo shows that English opens up the world

The new logo shows children dancing around the globe, symbolizing that English opens the world to all of us, acting as a critical link and enabling us to embrace each other. English is the most commonly spoken language worldwide with 1.3 billion speakers (27% native language, 73% second language).

The new logo figures prominently on our new website, our Facebook page, and all of our communication material.

Original logo

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