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Thank you everyone who joined the EL Easter Workshop (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

Updated: Apr 13

A huge thanks to our wonderful team of parents who helped out to make this a great day. A special shout out to Marianne Hanna Laurac who organised the day and Marie-Anne Soubielle who helped her and donated her yarn and supplies. Thank you also to Claire Denis, Charles and Ashleigh Thevenet, Stephanie de Lattre and Cecile Franzetti for being there with the kids.

The Spring workshop is scheduled on Wednesday, April 5th between 8:30am and 11:45am at the petite college. During the workshop, children will learn how to repurpose waste material into beautiful art and flower planters. They will also engage in fun games around a festive Easter theme. The workshop consists of two small workshops (children must choose between weaving loom and planting).

Each child is encouraged to bring one or more of the following: Tin containers, yoghurt pots, unused teacups, old rubber boots/ shoes, old clothes to reuse fabric, yarn, or any other material they feel creative to repurpose.

Please have your children start bringing in the recycled material to school BEFORE the workshop on the days they have English Link. We have a box in the English Link room where they can place their recycled material.

All other material and a snack will be provided by the EL.

Thank you !

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