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Our Activities

Activities are held weekly during the lunch break or after classes on school premises and last one hour.
The Munchkins Club

Only offered if there are enough bilingual students in the maternelle. Pre-school version of our popular kids club. 


A superb opportunity for primary school children to explore books in English and discover the pleasure of reading. Children are given a chance to borrow books, and they participate in story time, reading and activities around the books.

Mini Kids Club

Kids participate in ultra-amusing activities designed to make them forget that they are actually learning English.

Big Theater
On Stage
Kids Club

Kids have huge fun with different activities, based around festivals, art and projects, all in English to aid their oral and writing skills. 

English Club

Weekly sessions of fun and engaging activities in English for college level students such as games, creative projects, quizzes, team challenges, escape games and many more!

The Theatre Club

Children perfect their acting skills, working entirely in English. They participate in a performance at the end of the school year. 

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